Thursday, 29 August 2013

Temporary Bliss by B.J Harvey


Wow. Too many hot men in this book!

Mac has been through a bad relationship and has vowed to never let history repeat itself.

And so she has not 1 but 3 "friends with benefits". 

But then she meets Daniel Winters...

This man is seriously swoon worthy, but I'm not suppose to swoon

Their relationship grew with each date and I loved the flirting and teasing.

Until then, I'll have to rename my shower head Daniel and have some fun with him

The writing was fun to read and this is one of those books that I would re-read.

I need to tell him about the other penises in my life>

One small thing that always annoys me is heroines who are constantly running away. I will store this small negative away because everything else about the book was perfect!

I cannot wait for Kate's book!!! And maybe more Zander, Sean and Noah."

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