Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Off Course by Sawyer Bennett

"Renner goes to Ireland to get away from things...

She meets lead singer from Over The Edge, Cillian...

Cillian wants Renner...

And what he wants, he always gets...

My thoughts

I'm loving this series. Great characters, hot chemistry, some angst and fab writing.

At first Renner was a bit hesitate considering who Cillian was, but she got her head round it pretty soon.

You didn't honestly think you could hide from me, did you?

And then there is Cillian. Hmmm. Love getting his POV. He's as delicious as Nix. 

I'm trying to make it clear that I want to fuck you into oblivion. Second, there is no other woman that I'm interested in. Clear enough for you?”

I felt like there was a few unresolved issues in the end with Mauve and the band. 

With only one more in the series, I hope ALL the old characters will appear in Flynn's book. This is a series not to be missed. 


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