Thursday, 29 August 2013

Anywhere with you by Kaylee Ryan


This was a sickeningly sweet NA romance so if that's not your thing, this book is not for you.

Allison's only family is her Gran but she persuades Allison to live her life and go to college. 

Life is a giant canvas, Allie, and you should throw as much paint on it as you can

She meets Liam, her roommates brother and it was insta love.

I'm not a big fan on insta love but in this case they didn't jump straight in and declare their love for one another and so I read on...

I am overwhelmed with what I can only describe as lust... she's beautiful

There was a lot of 'I love you' and 'he's different' around Allison and the 'spark' they have for each other. Which I felt was a bit repetitive at times.

However, for a debut this was a great attempt but I feel maybe it was aimed at a younger audience (I'm 28). 

A good book to pick up if you like minimal drama and a feel good romance.

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