Friday, 23 August 2013

Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage


Reese almost gets killed her by psycho ex...

She moves halfway across the country to attend college...

And meets none other than the Hotness, Mason...

One slight problem...

He's a gigolo...

My thoughts

Not many books make me feel a range of emotions. There was the suspense of Reece's psycho ex but at the same time it was light and fun at times.

Mason:Now who's the perv?
Reese: I'll accept that award. Want to hear my thank you speech?

And if that doesn't complicate things, I wanted to hug the life out of Mason, bitch slap a few characters and to top it all off there was a load of sexual tension going on.

I can't. I'm tainted

My heart stopped a couple times at the end for my poor Mason. Did my heart hurt for him!!!

I was getting really sick of reading a college book with a weak heroine but Reese was a kiss ass character and I love her strength and personality.

I loved it!!!

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