Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Four Summers by Nyrae Dawn

"A story about Charlotte and Nate...

Falling in love...

And only seeing each other...

Over the span of four summers...

My thoughts

I really liked these two. I thought the connection they had was nicely written and their dialogue together was believable. It did feel as realistic as a relationship can be in a fictional book. 

It was quite abrupt with what happened with Charlottes mum and sister and I would have liked more closure with what happened to them. 

A lovely ending and what I was expecting. I just wished there was an epilogue that could see into the future a bit. 

“We’ve grown and changed, screwed up, but at the beginning of each summer, we found each other again. Or maybe we never really lost each other.”

The issue with Brandon left a bit unsolved. But overall I really like these first love YA books."

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