Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ruin by Rachel van Dyken

"Girl meets hot guy at college...

Girl a bit depressed...

Guy has some secret...

You get the picture...

My thoughts

My thoughts with this book are a bit scattered. So the positives, LOVE the banter between Wes and Kiersten. I could highlight a load of their dialogues.

Combine super hearing with stalking and you're a regular psycho

Loved Wes, he is your typical cocky Hero, very charming and swoon-worthy.

I want you, but it has to be right. And right now? It's too new. Get it?

More than once his words left me with a fat grin.

Thing is, this subject matter always makes me feel a tad uncomfortable but that's just me.

This was very predictable and maybe it was missing some saucy scenes but overall I really enjoyed it.

A great book if you like college romance with great banter and a swoon-worthy Hero x"

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