Monday, 26 August 2013

Fighting Fate by Linda Kage

Paige is trying to live the life her dead brother would have lived...

But fate has other plans...

In doing so she comes face to face to her brothers murderer...

My thoughts

3 things I don't really like reading about
1. Weak heroine
2. H/h declaring their love for one another in a matter of days
3. Silly misunderstandings once the H/h get together 

And I am happy to say that this book has none of the above.

What I loved the most was the writing, it was easy to get into, the story kept moving without being too descriptive.

I loved that it took ages for them to get together. Some of their conversations were classic.

Paige: Logan, I cant believe I almost took your eye out.
Logan: Its okay. Really. I have another

I would have liked to read more of their happy ending but noticing this is a series, I hope the next book is about a different character, preferably Mariah aka hooker.

I would recommend this if you like angst college romance x

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