Favourite Authors

Writing style is very important to me. Some authors I find myself skimming the book. Others I eat up every single word. For an author to have a place on my list, they generally will have to have more than one book that I like. Here are a few that I will automatically read their next book without reading the blurb:

Colleen Hoover
Karina Halle
Olivia Cunning
Kristen Ashley
Alice Clayton
Cheryl McIntyre
Samantha Young
Rebecca Donovan
Kele Moon
Kahlen Aymes
J A Redmerski 
S C Stephens
K A Tucker
K I Lynn
T Torrest
J E Malpas
J B Salsbury
Katy Evans
Suzanne Wright
Bella Andre
Belle Aurora
Ella Frank
Claire Contreras
Tina Folsom
Sawyer Bennett
Kate McCarthy
Linda Kage
Priscilla Glenn

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