Friday, 31 May 2013

Darkness Before Dawn by Claire Contreras

"It's over...

I'm so gutted this has ended.

The story:

The sequel to There is no light in Darkness...

Blake and Cole...


and reunited...

Can they make it through the darkness...

and into the light???

Have I mentioned that I love Cole? Well, I freaking LOVE Cole. He will whole heartedly give Blake the world.

“are you going to let me fuck you or are just going to do it all on your own, standing from there?”

Le sigh!!!

I thought Blake was an emotional mess here. Normally it would get on my nerves with the about of times a heroine cries but with Blake, it didn't. Especially with everything the poor girl went through!!!

One more thing...

I was so confused with everyone's connection to each other. 

"can someone get a pen and paper and start drawing out the family tree an everyone's connection to each other?"

I was tempted to do just that!!! 


Lovely set of books that I will definitely be re-reading in future. Can't wait for more books from this author x"

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Conviction by Nicole Edwards

"Sam and Logan...

Falling in love...

Both hurt by pass lovers...

...can they trust one another? 

My thoughts

I found this hard to get into at the beginning. I wasn't really feeling the chemistry between the couple. 

But what followed was some hot scenes that had my eyes popping out.

A series standalone but we meet quite a few characters which I'm sure will have their own book in the series to follow. Not much drama but this was one steamy hot book. 

Jet by Jay Crownover

Jet and Ayden almost hooking up...

but Jet turning her down...

They later become roommates 

but there is always this connection between the two of them. 

My thoughts

I felt like the story had a strong start but then I started skimming some of the book. 

Jet had me pulling my hair at the beginning. I just don't understand why he has to torture himself and Ayden.

And then just when he sorts himself out Ayden has to torture them both with insecurities about her past. 

“I think we’re both actually pretty screwed up, but together we just work and we make each other better.

Loved seeing Rule and Shaw and loved how we see Shaw support Ayden. Cora is another strong personality which I'm looking forward to in the next book.

A lovely ending to the book and gives a glimpse of what to expect in Rome's book. 

Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning

"Myra, a psychologist goes on tour with the band...

She has her sights set on Brian...

My thoughts

I really liked Myra, for a heroine she is strong minded. The two of them together made a hot couple.

Backstage pass was the first book by Olivia Cunning that I read through a recommendation. I have since gone on to read the rest of her sinners on tour series and Sole Regret series. 

What stood out for me was the playful banter between the whole band.

“Trey, are you molesting virgins again?


Olivia Cunning somehow makes each book so unique, add in the hot sex and good storyline, it's EXACTLY how I like my books.

Monday, 27 May 2013

One night with Sole Regret 1-3 by Olivia Cunning

5 out of 5 stars 

"Didn't think it was possible but I'm actually giving a 5 star for the three novellas. It more or less covered every emotion for me. Amazing writing. And to think there will be 12 more of these novellas to look forward to... CANNOT WAIT!!! Loved it x"

The style for this series is very refreshing. Each novella takes place on one night and each novella is about a different Sole Regret member. There are 5 and they rotate so eventually each member gets 3 novellas. I think Olivia Cunning has to be my favourite author. I've more or less read all her work and love them all.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Thoughtless trilogy by S.C Stephens

5 out of 5 stars 

To be honest the first book was 4 stars, the main reason because I really didn't like Keira. She came across very indecisive and I just wish she make her mind who she was going to choose. In Effortless she was starting to grow up a bit more and by Reckless she became very understanding. Almost like a different person!!! I think by book 3 we see Kiera's growth but she has always been tainted in my eyes by her actions in book 1.

Kellan on the other hand was so sweet and understanding. He put up with Keira no matter what throughout all three books. Thoughtless is a book I love but I can't bare to go through Kellan's heartbreak again. It literally breaks my heart what Keira put him through. He remained sweet throughout the other two books. I love it when a character makes me grin and he definitely did it for me.

Thoughtless started with Keira moving in with her boyfriend and his friend, which is Kellan. I'm not a big fan of love triangles especially when the boyfriend isn't a bad guy. I'm sure you can guess how it ends because book two leads into Kellan and the d-bags on the brink of stardom and hence separation from Keira due to touring. Book 3 continues on from that with Keira joining them on tour. 

Book 1 and 2 both ended Happy For Now with no cliffys. This trilogy had enough drama, angst and storyline to keep me gripped. To top it off the epilogue was perfect and exactly how I like it. Lovely set of books that I can see myself re-reading again in the future.

Connected by Kim Karr

3.5 out of 5 stars. 

What kind of ending was that??? Honestly I don't mind cliffys but this one was just strange and brought the ratings down for me. On a more positive note this was a STEAMY romance of River (lead singer)and Dahlia who reconnected after a chance encounter 5 years ago. The second half of the book (where we get Rivers POV) picked up more with a few twists and turns.

"How could love at first sight even exist if you was already in love with someone else?""

Wreck me by J.L Mac

4 out of 5 stars

"Noooo... I knew the ending before I read it but my heart still dropped when I read it. Super rich entrepreneur, Damon, meets homeless unemployed orphan, Josephine. From the very first chapter the storyline was pretty obvious so when it did unfold it didn't surprise me. Maybe because the book was so short everything was just happening too quick. But definately be reading the next... I need a HEA for these two."


Life can be cruel. People can be ruthless and evil. The world can be cold and uninviting. No one knows these things better than Josephine Geroux. By her own definition, she is a twenty-five year old “nobody with nothing,” and she is content to stay that way. Growing up an orphan has made her tough and indifferent to the people around her until she meets a strangely familiar man with a face that haunts her for reasons she can’t understand.

Despite the pain that will inevitably ensue, she makes it her mission to discover what parts of her tragic puzzle she is missing. On her journey to discovering why the she feels an alarming connection to an absolute stranger, her greatest fear is reawakening the demons and darkness from the past that will surely overtake her if she lets her guard down

Little does Josephine know that the past should be the least of her worries. She is toying with a man who has already broken her heart once. She just doesn’t realize it.
Although she makes it a point to avoid interactions with others, Josephine’s life becomes entangled with the enigmatic stranger. Before she realizes it, she has given herself over to the one person who is close enough to wreck her.

Those nights on Montreal by Beverley Kendall

3 out of 5 stars

Hmm I really liked the first book in the series. But I felt like this book was missing something I found myself skimming bits. We met Scott and Rebecca in the last book. This books sees them giving their relationship another go. A very minimal drama, smut NA type book.�

Hero: 4/5
Heroine: 2/5
Steamy: 3/5
Storyline: 2/5
Epilogue : 3/5
Overall: 3/5

**arc received from netgalley**

Saturday, 25 May 2013

The lonely by Tara Brown

4.5 out of 5 stars

"No wonder the summary was so vague. it doesn't even begin to describe this book. I can't even say anything about this book as it will give away spoilers. Nothing like a typical college type book n not what you expect. although I question one of Em`s descisions towards the end of the book. A definately must read."



The truth is subjective to what the lonely lets in. 

Emalyn Spicer has lived with it for a long time. She thinks it goes back further than her memories do. She knows it goes back further than the OCD.

When she arrives at college, her OCD's and the lonely refuse to let her have her wish to be normal. 

When she meets Sebastian and starts to fall for him, she lets herself believe it's possible to outrun the things chasing her from the past. But how to you get away from the things inside of you? How do you run from yourself?

Just as she gives up and succumbs to the lonely, the unthinkable happens. She finds herself once again trapped in the dark, once again held against her will.

This time she meets the lonely head on. In the darkest corners of her mind, she discovers there is more to her world than she ever imagined. She discovers that the lonely was there for her, protecting her from herself and her secrets.

How far would you go to find yourself?

This is a dark and captivating novel, tread lightly
Just as she gives up and succumbs to the lonely, the unthinkable happens. She finds herself once again trapped in the dark, once again held against her will.

This time she meets the lonely head on. In the darkest corners of her mind, she discovers there is more to her world than she ever imagined. She discovers that the lonely was there for her, protecting her from herself and her secrets.

How far would you go to find yourself?

This is a dark and captivating novel, tread lightly

Fire inside by Kristen Ashley

4 out of 5 stars

I love KA's Colorado and burg series which is why I tend to compare any of her other books to these. Fire inside follows the story of Hop and Lanie. Hop is a hot caveman alpha male and Lanie is dealing with her ex's death and own insecurities. I wanted to love this book but I felt the book was just okay, nothing much happened until the last 30%. I was expecting a typical KA ending that didn't come so when I saw I was reading the epilogue I was a little disappointed. Though still a great read and would recommend it.

Hero: 5/5
Heroine: 3/5
Steamy: 4/5
Storyline: 3/5
Epilogue: 4/5
Overall: 4/5 stars

Friday, 24 May 2013

Experiment in Terror 4-6 by Karina Halle

5 out of 5 stars

This series was a slow starter romantically for the first three books but these three books made up for it. There was more progress with Dex and Perry and although book 5 was more of a 4 star I thought overall it deserved the 5 star as book 6 ended how I finally hoped it would. Be warned that book 4 and 5 do end as a cliffy. With 3 more books to go in the series (not including the novellas) I wonder how their relationship will play out. By book 6 I'm in love with Dex and so glad his cheeky self and banter with Perry is back. Can't wait for the next one out in June 2013!!

Shut up and kiss me by Christie Craig

5 out of 5 stars 

This is one of the first books I've read since getting hooked on reading. It had enough storyline to keep me intrigued and loved the romance between this couple. My first book by Christie Craig and have since read another 3 books by her. Her books have a bit of everything which is exactly what I look for in a book.


When PR expert Shala Winters gets hired to increase the tourist trade in a Texas town mostly populated by Native Americans, her schemes stir up a storm of trouble-with both the town's commanding lawman and someone after Shala's life!

Hustle Me by Jennifer Foor

4 out of 5 stars

This book has a refreshing feel to it and doesn't feel like a book that I've already read. We have Charlie who inherited a bar and a brother and Jammer, a pool playing tattooed hustler that's never settled down. Together there are some moments that shock, scare, grin and LOVE. The ultimate question is can Charlie trust Jammer?

"Love me or hate me, but either way you're still thinking of me, babe"(less)[edit]

Gio by Elizabeth Reyes

4 out of 5 stars

Slow build up:
I forgot how much I liked Noah's book so this one was unexpected as it did took me awhile to get into. But once I was, I was absolutely absorbed by the building romance of Gio and Bianca. The only problem? Felix, AKA Biancas boyfriend AND good friend of Gio. 

Hm and ohh:
I never do like triangles as sometimes especially if the book is told from the female POV, I end up supporting the wrong guy. This isn't the case here, as in the end you know that these two will end up together

The twist at the end... Oh no!!! Now that came out of nowhere!!! Loved the unexpected!!! The book has a bit of drama at the end but filled with angst and a slow building relationship, I'm really enjoying this series. I guess it helps that they are all fighters... Yum!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Ruining you by Nicole Reed

4 out of 5 stars

Staying awake til one in morning and still writing a review says it all. Ruining me left me speechless. I was always Team JT so going into Ruining you I knew I wasn't gonna get the HEA I wanted but this story did not disappoint. Ruining you follows Jay on her journey and stuck between the rockstar,Rhye and the bartender, Kane, add in a new friendship, Eli. A book worth the read and only lacking a star because it s a book I can't bare to re-read. 

One night with a Hero by Laura Kaye

5 out of 5 stars

I don't know how Laura Kaye does it but in another short read she done it again. Somehow she manage to make me feel so emotional over these broken heroes. With this book we have Army special force Sgt. Brady and Joss share one night together. Both with a terrible past, will Brady and Joss be able to let go of their past to create a future with each other? I loved seeing Marco again and seeing him and Brady interact. Again... wished there was more. Loved it!

Color of Forgiveness/loneliness by Madeleine Beckett

4 out of 5 stars

Oh Dylan! A lovely set of books about Myra who has no relatives left, meets and falls in love with her contractor, Dylan. Book 1 starts off pretty depressing and my heart hurt for the loneliness Myra was feeling. Heartbreaking doesn't even begin to describe what I felt in the second book when I found out about Dylan's past. 

There was some 5* moments but it was a bit draggy at times and I found Myra's bestfriend a bit over the top. Other than that a lovely read and loved the double epilogue.

A different blue by Amy Harmon

4.5 stars out of 5

This book was a little bit different to my norm. Opening up and trying to uncover her past, Blue befriends her British teacher, Wilson. There was MANY 'did I just read that right shockers' as well as some funny banter between Wilson and Blue. The only problem was I love my romance and I felt like there wasn't enough of it otherwise this could have easily have been a 5*.

"I keep wishing you had a better life...A different life. But a different life would have made you a different blue"

Picture perfect by Ella Fox

4 out of 5 stars

A new series by Ella Fox and we meet Flynn (lead singer) and Tess (photographer for the the tour). The Hart series should be read before this as they do overlap... I love it! Loved Ella Fox's writing style, she writes amazing sex scenes. I think I'm going to like this series more than the Hart series. Cant wait to find out what will happen with Devon-Ian-Cole. 4.5 stars from one happy reader! 

"One of my pet peeves about girls is the constant and ridiculous need to put on the, "I don't eat much," bullshit routine. If I wanted to date a rabbit, I would"

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

When in Paris by Beverley Kendall

4 out of 5 stars

Having not read a college type book in a while I really enjoyed this book. Thankful I finally found a book minus the broken/abused hero/heroine. Zach and Olivia have been crushing on each other for years and college has finally brought them together. Love this type of romance, lovely sweet and mushy with a bit of angst.

**arc received from netgalley**

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

5 out of 5 stars

My absolute favourite book from 2012. Has everything I like in a book, likeable characters, funny banter, bit of drama, bit of angst and some hot scenes. Love Braden and Joss together. The perfect book and a must read. Amazing book by an amazing author.

Book synopsis:

Jocelyn Butler has been hiding from her past for years. But all her secrets are about to be laid bare…

Four years ago, Jocelyn left her tragic past behind in the States and started over in Scotland, burying her grief, ignoring her demons, and forging ahead without attachments. Her solitary life is working well—until she moves into a new apartment on Dublin Street where she meets a man who shakes her carefully guarded world to its core.

Braden Carmichael is used to getting what he wants, and he’s determined to get Jocelyn into his bed. Knowing how skittish she is about entering a relationship, Braden proposes an arrangement that will satisfy their intense attraction without any strings attached.

But after an intrigued Jocelyn accepts, she realizes that Braden won’t be satisfied with just mind-blowing passion. The stubborn Scotsman is intent on truly knowing her… down to the very soul.

Experiment in Terror 1-3 by Karina Halle

3.5 out of 5 stars

This is not a series I normally read as I do normally stick to my contemporary romance, but I needed a change. Though this is not a typical paranormal, it's more like an x-files/fringe type where we have two ghost hunters, Dex and Perry. It is a slow starter but the playful banter between the two of them had me hooked. I'm glad by the third book we get some progress between Dex and Perry and some insight into Dex's background. Be warned it does not end at book 3, there are at least 8 books in the series.

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E.L James

5 out of 5 stars

This book had so much reviews and people ranting on about it I had to give it go. Yes, some writing was repetitive but if you put that aside there is a lovely storyline about Ana, a virgin and dominating  Christian, who had a bad past. Obviously with a fictional couple it's not always going to be peaceful. The ending to book 1 made me purchase book 2 immediately. I was a bit disappointed and relieved that things cleared up so quickly between the two of them. Loads go on throughout Fifty shades Darker and Fifty shades Freed which is don't want to go into to spoil it. I will say that I wasn't sure I wanted to read the third book because book 2 ended so nicely but I'm so glad I did.

Heroine and Hero:
Ana and Christian. Where do I begin? I love reading about a couple who just met and have their first few conversations. I love the chemistry and dialogue they have with each other. Ana was a shy virgin to begin with but by the end of book 3 you can feel her growth and maturity. Christian was a confusing character to begin with. I was heartbroken and devasted when I started reading the reasons behind his domineering ways. But I wouldn't have him any other way. I think Christian is a very strong character and would always be one of my favourite Book Boyfriends. 

Book 1 ended on a cliffy, book 2 a Happy For Now and the last and final book was perfect. I love epilogues like this. It makes me feel like a pile of mush. These books are ones that I've re-read three times already and I know it won't be the last time I re-read them. A great set of books and the very reason I started my reading addiction.

The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons

4 out of 5 stars

What? Did it seriously just end like that? Not my usual type of book but the amount of love story made it worth a read. To think Alexander and Tatiana could have prevented all this heartache at the beginning. And then what Alexander did at the end... Awww.. No words!!! Some events that took place did jump too quickly. If this was put in a modern context I would no doubt be giving 5 big fat stars.


The golden skies, the translucent twilight, the white nights, all hold the promise of youth, of love, of eternal renewal. The war has not yet touched this city of fallen grandeur, or the lives of two sisters, Tatiana and Dasha Metanova, who share a single room in a cramped apartment with their brother and parents. Their world is turned upside down when Hitler's armies attack Russia and begin their unstoppable blitz to Leningrad.

Yet there is light in the darkness. Tatiana meets Alexander, a brave young officer in the Red Army. Strong and self-confident, yet guarding a mysterious and troubled past, he is drawn to Tatiana--and she to him. Starvation, desperation, and fear soon grip their city during the terrible winter of the merciless German siege. Tatiana and Alexander's impossible love threatens to tear the Metanova family apart and expose the dangerous secret Alexander so carefully protects--a secret as devastating as the war itself--as the lovers are swept up in the brutal tides that will change the world and their lives forever.