Sunday, 26 May 2013

Thoughtless trilogy by S.C Stephens

5 out of 5 stars 

To be honest the first book was 4 stars, the main reason because I really didn't like Keira. She came across very indecisive and I just wish she make her mind who she was going to choose. In Effortless she was starting to grow up a bit more and by Reckless she became very understanding. Almost like a different person!!! I think by book 3 we see Kiera's growth but she has always been tainted in my eyes by her actions in book 1.

Kellan on the other hand was so sweet and understanding. He put up with Keira no matter what throughout all three books. Thoughtless is a book I love but I can't bare to go through Kellan's heartbreak again. It literally breaks my heart what Keira put him through. He remained sweet throughout the other two books. I love it when a character makes me grin and he definitely did it for me.

Thoughtless started with Keira moving in with her boyfriend and his friend, which is Kellan. I'm not a big fan of love triangles especially when the boyfriend isn't a bad guy. I'm sure you can guess how it ends because book two leads into Kellan and the d-bags on the brink of stardom and hence separation from Keira due to touring. Book 3 continues on from that with Keira joining them on tour. 

Book 1 and 2 both ended Happy For Now with no cliffys. This trilogy had enough drama, angst and storyline to keep me gripped. To top it off the epilogue was perfect and exactly how I like it. Lovely set of books that I can see myself re-reading again in the future.

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