Saturday, 29 June 2013

Flat out Matt by Jessica Park

3 out of 5 stars

The previous book:
I quite enjoyed flat out love and the twist I kinda saw coming but at the same time I didn't want that to be the ending because to be honest Matt just didn't really grew on me. 

This book:
This book sees the story from Matt's POV. It is a very different take on his POV because we read certain specific scenes and then it jumps to the next. It is Matts POV, but I wasn't really that connected to him. There isn't much that added to the original story and when I read the same story from a different POV I need to find out new things about the characters or something to keep me interested. Im afraid this book just didn't work for me and if you've already read the first book, this one doesnt really add much. But if you are a massive Matt fan this book is a must read.

Tragic by J.A Huss

4 out of 5 stars

The plot:
The story about Rook and Ronin. Rook being brought up in the foster care system and running away from her abusive boyfriend lands herself as a model and paired with the gorgeous Ronin. These two have a lot of sparks and I love the chemistry behind the camera. I love a lost broken girl trying to find her independence and this is exactly what Rook is trying to do. Ronin is a great Hero and towards the end I was thinking 'you idiot!!' 

What I liked:
I really enjoyed this authors writing style. It was my first book by this author I was engaged in her writing from the very beginning. I love that this felt quite realistic in the sense that although they both have this attraction between the two of them, they aren't declaring their undying love to each other.

What I didn't like:
I did feel there wasn't much of a story going on. If was very minimal drama/angst. There is more to come from this couple in a book two and the book end on a HFN without any cliffhangers. I would have liked the book to conclude as a standalone as I'm not sure I would be rushing to read the next book out in August.

Would I recommend it? Yes
Should you wait for the next book? Not really
I really enjoyed it if you like the type of book with little drama but enough chemistry.

After the Kiss by Lauren Layne

3 out of 5 stars

This started off quite promising. I thought the writing style was engaging and I did want to read more. 

The plot:
What let it down was I felt like this was a re-telling of the film 'how to lose a guy in 10 days'. Julie, a columnist writes about first dates and first kisses, was given a task of how to get past the first date into a relationship. On the other side we have Mitchell who has just left a 2 year relationship, through a bet by his friend is given the task of just dating someone and it not ending in a proposal of marriage. I thought both the characters seem to have reversed the typical male/female characteristics, which is a nice change.

But this book was just too predictable. I knew what was coming up. I knew how it was going to end. Overall great writing, just wish the storyline was more original.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan

4 out of 5 stars

The book:
I read this book just the once last year but the whole story is still fresh in my memory like I read it yesterday. I do like it but I wanted to shake Emma so badly by the end. This is the second book of the series and with most books you'd think book 2 is a filler. This was not the case here. It kept me on my toes until the very end. 

Cliffy alert:
I thought the first book cliffhanger broke my heart but this cliffhanger broke my heart and stomped all over it. I cried. I wanted to throw things. I WANTED THE NEXT BOOK!!! At last the wait is almost over... Come on book 3!!! Please please please be a HEA for Emma and Evan. I loved Evan in book one. But he didn't feature as much as I would have liked in this book. 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Come Alive (EiT 7) by Karina Halle

5 out of 5 stars

After finishing
Phew having left book 6 at a nice ending I was quite worried going into this book... Especially with the reappearance of a certain character. I knew there be trouble for Dex and Perry. Turns out I was worried about the wrong thing. 

Everything that comes out of Dex's mouth, I just wanted to highlight it all. But here, we have all his inner thoughts too, which made it extra special. He is definitely back to his cheeky self and boy do I love him more. Perry was just as loveable here. She is having trouble trusting Dex with her heart and to be honest I can't blame her for being more cautious.

The plot:
I thought with some previous book there wasn't enough romance element to the story but I thought this one found the perfect combination of love and in this case investigating a voodoo sect. My blood was definitely pumping with excitement and towards the end I was a bit nail bitingly scared.

Last thoughts:
Winter is too long away for more Dex and Perry and I definitely can't wait with how the last chapter ended. Come Alive has left you wanting more and more. This is one of my favourites EiT books alongside Lying Season and the main reason for this... Dex is just too loveable.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Remember When 2 by T. Torrest

"As soon as I finished:

I need a moment to calm down. My heart was beating like crazy. Argh cliffhanger, in my mind worse than the first! 

The plot:
You know I'm not going to say a word about the plot because if you haven't read the first book, I don't want to spoil it. Lets just leave it as a continuation of a love story between Trip and Layla.

I really liked Layla and I'm glad with her decisions in this book. Trip, I Love him Love him LOVE HIM!!! Lisa was a great supporting character and I liked her friendship with Layla.

“I’m sorry about….ever letting you go. I’m sorry for all the time we wasted. I’m sorry for being here with you right now when we can’t do a damned thing about it.”

Last thoughts:
Great writing. I really need the third and final book and their HEA. I think may be my fav book of the year so far x"

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Remember When by T. Torrest


Remember back in school when you had your first crush? 

first love?? 


you can re-live all of it through this book. 

Wow, the emotions and butterlifes in my stomach this book gave me!!!

Exactly my type of book. But...I was expecting a completely different ending to what the blurb said. 

Layla has a crush on the new boy, Trip. The book spans over the whole senior years of high school and I found it very relatable and realistic. It is a sweet book and the ending awwww!!!!

“Be happy. Wherever you wind up. And know that I'll be thinking of you, wherever I am.”

Last thoughts:
Im dying to find out what happened to Trip and Layla throughout the years."

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Until Fountain Bridge by Samantha Young


We get Ellie's POV...

On some of the scenes that we didn't get to see in On Dublin Street...

As well as before they met Joss...

My thoughts

I was so excited to read this because I absolutely loved Ellie in the first book. We didn't get much of Adam in the first book so I was glad they got their own book. 

"It's painful to read from your perspective but I can't look away."

I felt exactly that!!!

As with most novellas I do wish it was a full length novel, maybe more on post-Joss years or even post-surgery. 

I love Samantha's writing and I had tears in my eyes for Ellie in the end.

LOVED it!!!

Lawful Escort by Tina Folsom


Sabrina is standing in for her roommate...

As an escort...

She meets Daniel...

My thoughts:

Although very short I really enjoyed this. I felt the story moved a long nicely with enough steamy scenes between Daniel and Sabrina.

I wished it was longer though and felt like there maybe the ending was too sudden. I liked Tina Folsom's writing style and I was gripped from the first page. I will definitely be watching out for more of her books.

Annihilate me volume 1 by Christina Ross

4 out of 5 stars

My thoughts:
I don't think I actually got into this book until about half way. Some bits were good and others just dragged on a bit but overall I quite liked it. I will be reading the next book because I think theres still more to find out about Jennifer and Alex's past. 

The plot:
So your probably wondering is this another Fifty Shades imitation? I'd say yes and no. The two characters themselves have some characteristics of Ana and Christian but the plot is completely different. Jennifer is unemployed and gets offered a job as Alex's girlfriend to attend social events to keep the 'wolves' away from him. 

Whats to expect in the sequel?
I felt like we got to know Jennifer pretty well but Alex is still a mystery to me. So I am expecting more from Alex in the follow on books as well as some sexy scenes. Both have a bad past which we got a glimpse of and I'm sure theres more to it. Will I remember this book by the time the next one is out though? Probably not. But I think it's a nice read.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Entice by Ella Frank


Having met Shelly in the first book...

We know that she is not ashamed to go for what she wants...

She meets Josh who is Masons best friend and also best man...

Both have their own trust issues...

So they both agree on a no strings sex...

My thoughts

I was giggling for first 30%. Love the teasing and the friendships among the gang and I am so glad we got more Mason and Lena too. 

“Josh: "Are you really going to sit there and pretend that I don't exist?"
Shel: "I'm not pretending you don't exist. In fact, I am very aware you are right there. I am pointedly ignoring you.”

Josh and Shelly's chemistry was sizzling but I felt like it grew more intense as the story played out. 

Josh was just a perfect Hero, he was patient and understanding, waiting for Shelly to get her head straight.

Shelly, she comes across as a strong professional woman but behind it all she is vulnerable to give herself to love Josh.

“Shel: "I'm finding it really hard to fight wanting you, Josh."
Josh: "Well, that's nice to hear, because I stopped fighting a while ago.”

I loved Exquisite so I had high expectations for this book and I was not disappointed. Ending was lovely and perfect!!! 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Watch over me by Tara Sivec


Addison lost her mum...

She finds it difficult juggling the responsibilities...

She meets Zander...

They both have their own secrets...

Will it pull them together...

or break them apart? 

My thoughts:

I loved the way Tara told Addison's story. There are three storylines going on at once, Addison talking to her therapist, flashbacks and present day with Zander. You'd think you would be confused but I thought the story flowed nicely. 

“It's Life. It's the bumps and the bruises, the pain and the fear; it's messy and it's real and it's not some perfect little story that can be tied up in a bow.”

The thing with the therapist still left me a little confused and I was dying to find out what was on the last napkin.

I definitely can see myself re-reading this one but I do wish it was a tad longer. Loved the epilogue and the last line... Wow!

Last thoughts:

A beautiful story following a young adult finding herself again following the death of a loved one, with some twists along the way. Loved it x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Remembrance Trilogy by Kahlen Aymes

5 out of 5 stars 

Wow wow wow... Having just finished it I'm a bit speechless and my emotions are flying everywhere.

First book (The future of our pasts):
Starts off with Julia and Ryan being best friends for 4 years, Ryan finds out that he has to move across the country to attend medical school thus separating them both. This brings them to confront their feelings for one another. 

This book was lovely and sickeningly sweet. I love how their love for one another consumes one another even with being so far apart. The first in the book ended on a major cliffy and at the time I read it I was fortunate enough to have the second one already out. 

The second book (Don't forget to remember me):
Starts with dealing from the aftermath of the tradegy from the first book. Ryan is forced to keep his distance. I don't want to say anymore because I really don't want to spoil this lovely sequel. 

Emotional is an understatement. It was heartbreaking to just think about it. I wanted to just scream at Ryan at times and urge him to just tell Julia but I know it wouldn't have been the same. Julia needed to find out for herself.

Final instalment (A love like this):
The series finale has Julia and Ryan finding time in their hectic schedule for time for one another. When a colleague saves Ryan's life, his new friendship gets between his love for Julia. 

I thought the first half of this book was much like the first book, very sweet and lots of 'I love you's.' They both needed this though with how angsty the second book was. Definitely more sex scenes than the second.

Then, the second half kicked in, although I could feel I knew where the story was going, it was heart wrenchingly torture. I cried buckets. The ending was beautiful and exactly why I love reading romance books. The epilogue... So so beautiful!!!

I don't normally look forward to series follow ups because there is normally a third party introduced to drag the story along. I don't normally look forward to the misunderstandings and miscommunications but this book was an exception. Both Julia and Ryan needed this wake up call. Their love for one another was so strong I knew without a doubt it will work out in the end. 

I think Kahlen did an amazing job with this trilogy. Her writing is beautiful and I can feel so much emotions from it. Yes, there was times I was a bit overwhelmed by how sappy Ryan was but I wouldn't change him any other way. I thought Julia is a strong heroine and I could understand her logic behind her outburst and decisions in this book. I'm not someone that easily cries reading a book but this one had me in tears. 

I will recommend this trilogy for those who like a combination of sweet and angst. One of my favourite series that I will no doubt be reading again.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Delayed Penalty by Shey Stahl

Evan, a hockey player...

Finds Ami attacked...

and almost left for dead...

He can't keep away from her...

My thoughts

I love the way Shey tells the story and although there was a lot of hockey talk, it didn't stop me from enjoying this book.

They met through a horrible attack but their love for each other was built gradually and I was routing for them from the very beginning.

“No bond is greater than the ones you'll bleed for.”

I can see the potential this will make a great series and looking forward to the Leo's book.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hustle Him by Jennifer Foor

3 out of 5 stars

A bit of a slow start. Vessa leaves her cheating husband, takes her kids and runs off to bartend her aunts' bar. Ramsey has lost his wife and kid in a car crash and now works as the towns Sheriff. He is pretty much a loner since the accident. An accident brings these two together. Vessa is curious on Ramsey and wants to understand why he is this way. 

My thoughts:
I loved hustle me, but I felt like this one was missing something. Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind to read this but I just wasn't feeling anything special with this couple. They are two broken people but I just never really felt any sympathy for them, neither was I happy when they got together or declared their love for each other.

Second in the series:
Normally with series I thought we would see some of the old characters again. But unless I'm missing something, this is a complete different storyline with different characters. So I don't get why this is part of the bankshot romance series, it could easily just be labelled as a standalone.

This was almost a DNF but I carried on and made myself read it all. I am a bit disappointed because I gave hustle me 4.5 stars and I really liked that one. This one just didn't live up to series follow up expectations. Sorry, my personal thoughts and others might feel differently.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Rules of Entanglement by Gina Maxwell

5 out of 5 stars

The cons:
"I didn't like it that it ended at 94% I was hoping for MORE of Vanessa (Lucie's best friend) and Jax (Lucie's brother). I could see myself reading more of them but unfortunately was cut short! I don't have any other negative thing to say except that although Jax is a MMA fighter, we didn't get to see him in action hot and sweating and bruised up!

The pros:
 I loved how strong minded Vanessa was, I loved Lucie and Reids HEA, I LOVED MMA fighter Jax and mostly I loved the chemistry and banter between the two. The ending was VERY cliche though and I felt like I already watched it in a movie somewhere.

With Vanessa's rules she swears by will Jax be able to break through them?
"Always always always... Tell her how much you love her, now and forever, before its too late""

Noah by Elizabeth Reyes

4 out of 5 stars

I love a good old build up of relationship type story. This book started with Roni starting to go to the gym to lose weight. She meets Noah who turns out to be her gym instructor assigned to her. From then on their friendship blossoms though the only thing in their way is an 8 year age gap, with Roni being the older woman. The story keeps going and I was captivated throughout. 

The couple:
I think this might have been the second book where I've read about an older women-younger guy type relationship. It makes a nice change and I really liked this couple. Noah does not act his age. In fact I felt like at times he was the older one in the relationship. Roni I did feel was a bit weak but in the end the angst was worth it and I loved their HEA. 

Exquisite by Ella Frank

5 out of 5 stars

Love this:
I'm trying to find something, anything I don't like about this book but I've come up blank. I loved everything about it from the two main characters to the writing to the storyline. I love it when two characters slowly develop feelings for each other and not just fall straight in bed with each other. Though the sex scenes were steamy hot!!! I felt every emotion possible with this book from on the verge of tears to angst to mushy happy. My only critique if I'm really forcing it is I wished the epilogue was a bit longer and more into the future. But it really doesn't matter in this case I loved it all the same.

This started off with Lena loosing her younger sister in a car accident caused by herself. She has since built up walls around herself to guard herself. Fast forward 9 years, Lena is now a doctor. She meets Mason who owns a restaurant and considered most eligible bachelor. From the first moment they met they didn't like each other, in fact they couldn't stand each other. I love it when this happens. I loved their playful banter. Eventually you can guess what happens to them both. What I didn't expect was the second half of the book when... Not going to say anymore! Read it for yourself!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

5 out of 5 stars

One of my favourites:
This book is one of my favourites from 2012. Not many books I have re-read more than once and this was one of them. It starts off with Abby in college away from her dark past meets the man whore and fighter Travis. What started off as a bet, they quickly become close friends. Loads go on in this story including fights, hangovers, birthdays, Las Vegas, the list goes on.

I really fell in love with this couple. The dialogue between the two of them was entertaining. I so badly wanted it to work out for them. 

Similar storylines:
I think since this book there has been similar storylines but in the end I feel like it all started from this book. Overall it was a book I couldn't put down and love. I can really see this turning into a movie.

Emancipating Andie by Priscilla Glenn

4.5 out of 5 stars

A little gem:
What a little gem this one turn out to be. Love Chase and Andie and their playful banter. Together they are stuck on a 2 say road trip with each other. Though it wasn't all laughter as they are stuck in a love triangle with Andie's boyfriend and Chase's best friend, Colin. I felt was dealt with exact how I liked.

Love Chase:
Didn't think I could love another Chase since Taking chances but now I do. LOVE Chase!!! Love the writing style!!! I wish I could give it a 5 stars but it was missing an epilogue. But otherwise LOVED IT!!!

Andie to Chase: "why do you look so nervous?...This isn't your first time, is it?" Haha

Hard to Love by Kendall Ryan

4 out of 5 stars

This was an enjoyable one. Cade meets Alexa, a nurse, when he pays a visit to the doctors following a 4 hour erection. He stars in the adult entertainment industry part time to help pay for his younger sisters medical bills. I thought the story was engaging and it kept me interested.

The couple:
Although this was a short book I liked this couple. I felt their connection from very early on. The story was told from both POVs which I love. You can't help but love Cade for everything he sacrifices for his sister. Alexa is brought up by wealthy parents and together they are from two different worlds. I would have loved to see Cade in some cage fighting scenes though

A standalone that ends on a HEA.

Beneath the Surface by M.A Stacie

4 out of 5 stars

Review up on 29th August

**arc received from netgalley**

Friday, 7 June 2013

Taking Chances by Molly McAdams


One girl, two guys...

At college...

You get the picture...

My thoughts

One of my most memorable books from last year. I remember crying buckets and buckets and thinking...

I loved it but hated it at the same time. Which is why my rating is in between.

“That first night, I did realize I would never meet another girl like you. But you deserve someone who has waited for you as long as you have waited for them. And no matter how much I wish I could be that guy, I can't Harper.”

As much as I liked the writing style, the second half of the book felt like one big epilogue

I wished Molly re-wrote this... But what's done is done. It was a HEA... Just not my HEA. I don't think I'll ever be ready to read Stealing Harper x

Empty Net by Toni Aleo

4 out of 5 stars

I lost count on the amount of times I wanted to slap some sense into Audrey, who is still caught up on her ex (Levi) as well as being insecure about Tate (goalie for the assassins). 

Tate having his own problems has lost his whole family and moved from his country to America. Will he always be feeling empty? 

I was frustrated with Audrey throughout most of the book, then when I thought things were looking up, Tate needing shaking sense into. The last 20% of the book made up for my frustration though and out of the three books, this one had the most drama.

Trying to Score by Toni Aleo

4.5 out of 5 stars

Another between 4* and 5*. Second in the assassins series and this one follows a second chance romance of Lucas, the ice hockey player and Fallon, with trust issues. I feel like I've read this kind of storyline half a dozen times already by various other authors, nonetheless I could feel the electricity between the couple.

Second in the series:
Second in Toni Aleo's assassins series and I was not disappointed. Similar to the first book, the ending I knew what was going to happen. But you kind of know and expect the HEA these two deserve. I do find some second chance romances a bit samey but here I love this couple. I would highly recommend if you love your smut romance. Loved it!

Taking shots by Toni Aleo

4.5 out of 5 stars

So so close to a 5*... Shea, an ice hockey player and Elli, a photographer with insecurities. Loved the connection with this couple, how they fell in love, their ups and downs. Towards the end I could predict what was going to happen before it did and I just wanted to stop it. 

Heroine and Hero
Elli just....arh...!!! What is she thinking towards the end? If I could I would have shaked some sense into her. Got to love Shea though...such a sweetie, made my heart melt,

This was the first book by Toni Aleo so I wasn't sure how her writing style is like. Turns out I love it!!! The story isn't heavy on drama, it was rather sweet with a bit of angst but the way she wrote it made me gripped from start til finish. Well worth the read x

Falling for the Backup by Toni Aleo

4 out of 5 stars

This one was a cute one. I love the way Toni Aleo writes romance so that it is sweet with some angst. This latest assassins novella features Jordan who is a back up goalie to the assassins. He meets and falls in love with Aynslee. At first Jordan fights it but eventually he is torn between staying with Aynslee or playing hockey. 

Great Heroine:
Previous assassin books I've always been going crazy with the heroines and their issues. This one was completely different. Aynslee didn't double think anything and for once she was the one doing the chasing.

Insecure Hero:
Jordan is left quite insecure since his knee injury two years ago, as well as his ex fiancé leaving him. He's confidence took a nose dive. He pushed his feelings for Aynslee away at first but I was glad how things ended.

Loving this series:
This was a nice short novel and would have been nice if it was a full length novel. The scene where Jordan met Aynslee's parents was funny and wished there was more of those moments in the book. I always enjoy catching up with old characters like Shea, but wanted to read what the other characters were up to too. Overall previous assassins books have been a solid 4-5 stars and this was no exception. Great book!

**arc received from netgalley**

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Darkness series epilogue by Claire Contreras

5 out of 5 stars

I know this is just an epilogue but it deserves the full 5 stars. Epilogues are my favourite part to a story and this one was written to perfection. Exactly how it should end and I 'awwwed' at the end. I'm going to miss Cole and Blake! 

Love this series!

One tiny lie by K.A Tucker

5 out of 5 stars

Another college romance:
Honestly I wasn't too gripped at the beginning, I think it was because Ashton wasn't in it much as I would have liked at first but then when the story developed I couldn't get enough. This might seem like your typical college romance where we have the manwhore Ashton and the innocent Livie. But it was so much more, the author did an excellent job in describing just how Livie was feeling and I was literally there with her. When she blushed, I blush, when she was upset, I was there with her.

As for Ashton, he was just yum!!! I knew there would be reasons behind his manwhore ways. His interactions with Livie made me grin and smile. There was a storyline at the end with Ashton's best friend that I felt was rushed.

Great follow up:
As always with a series follow up we do see cameos of Kasey and Trent, but I didn't see enough of them. The story was engaging and actually very glad with the length of it. Are we going to read more about this series and if so who will be the main characters? I have no clue! An excellent read and would recommend this whole heartedly.

**arc received from netgalley**

Ten tiny breaths by K.A Tucker

5 out of 5 stars

I loved this story!!! Kasey running away to Miami with her sister finds herself neighbours with Trent. It felt like yesterday when I read this and I was gripped throughout. I had my suspicions and turns out I wasn't wrong about it. 

Loved this couple and Im glad they got their HEA they both deserved. Though I felt the epilogue could have dragged out a bit more. One of my favourites from 2012!!!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Faking it by Cora Carmack

Faking it. I think you can grasp what the story is about by just reading the title so I won't say too much about the plot. This is another story where we already met Cade in the first book and here he is trying to get over Bliss. Sounds like a storyline that I previously read but here Max (yes, a girl!) is the one with the commitment issues. 

The author:
I like Cora's writing and the meet the parents part was hilarious!!! She told the story nicely and manages to grip me from the very beginning. Sometimes it is hard for me to remember characters in the previous book but it wasn't a problem here. 

Cade and Max:
Cade was just too perfect and put together. I wanted more emotion from him, for him to break down or something. He just felt too good to be true. Max has her issues with her family. At one point I thought, 'oh no she going to be one of those heroines' but she recovered it well and I quite liked her.

I found the story gripping to begin with and had me giggling but as the story got on I did get a bit bored. I think this is a strong follow up to losing it and will definitely be watching out for more of Cora's work.

**arc received from netgalley**

Losing it by Cora Carmack

4 out of 5 stars

What I remember most about this book was Bliss on the verge of losing her virginity to Garrick but backing out at the last minute and later finds out he is her professor. Talk about awkward!!! I remember giggling like crazy Bliss and her cat was mentioned.

I really liked this and couldn't put it down. It was fairly light with a bit of angst and humour. I will definitely be continuing on with the rest of the series. Great job Cora x

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Before Now by Cheryl McIntyre

 "Hope broke Park's heart in the first book...

Now it's his book...

He meets Lucy, who is also his neighbour...

She wants to be friends with him...

But she also wants to find the guy beneath the manwhore...

My thoughts

I love reading about strong heroines. Lucy knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to go for it.

“Everyone should have someone that cares.Someone that doesn't give up on them.Someone to always care what they're doing.Right at this moment,I make it my goal to be that someone for Park.”

Loved that Park didn't change his manwhore ways as soon as he met Lucy. And there was times when I wanted to shake Park for what he's doing to Lucy. I can't help but love Park though.

He deserves another picture...

Glad we still see the old characters pop up. Every time skittles are mentioned makes me want to re-read the first book all over again. A great follow on. Loving this series x"


Blackbird by Cheryl McIntrye

4.5 out of 5 stars

Not enough:
"Aww I read sometimes never a while ago and reading this short book just brings it all back. Makes me wanna re-read sometimes never. Love Hope and Mason together but this novella just wasn't enough."

This short novella is the gap where it ended in Sometimes Never and the epilogue. If you love Mason and Hope's story you definitely can't miss this.

Sometimes Never by Cheryl McIntyre

4.5 out of 5 stars

I love this book:
Just finished Before Now, it reminds me how much I loved this book. I don't know what Cheryl does but when I read Blackbird n now Before Now, it always makes me want to go back to where it all began with Hope and Masons story with their bags of skittles!

The author:
I like her writing, not overly descriptive that has me skimming but enough story to keep me turning the pages with some twists along the way. 

Hope and Mason:
Love this couple. I remember finishing this and thinking I wish the author would just write a bit more about Hope and Mason. A little while later Blackbird was born! I was over the moon!! Really worth a read x

Monday, 3 June 2013

Beyond Eden by Kele Moon

2 out of 5 stars

O I'm not sure about this one. This was just sex sex and more sex, either MF, MM or MMF. I don't normally mind reading these but the slave/master thing put me off. I loved Kele Moon's battered hearts series so I thought I give this a try but there was too much dialogue. 

Storyline or lack of:
So we have Danny boy and Paul guy as slave/master. Enter Evie Girl who is Paul's ex but Danny always had a thing for her too. Evie then starts a thing with Danny but Danny also has Paul on the side. Then to top it off theres Trisha who is Paul's fiancĂ©. You can guess what happens at the end. I would have liked this if there was more of a storyline but nothing much happened! I think this would be enjoyable for those that enjoy pure erotica it just wasn't for me.

Paul Guy. Danny Boy. Evie Girl. These nicknames got on my nerves. Would have been better without it. 

**arc received from netgalley**

Breathe by Kristen Ashley

5 out of 5 stars 

I remember this book because of the couple of scenes where we have all four mountain men in the same room! I was swooning and thought I was going to faint. I love it when characters reappear later and of course my favourite Max is finally back. As well as the mountain men there is guest appearance of another character from KA other series.

Faye and Chace:
We met these two at the end of Lady Luck and I was intrigued. I knew without a doubt I was going to love Chace but Faye, she doesn't seem like the normal KA strong minded heroine. She was shy and timid but actually very likeable. In a way she was easy to relate to because she is always stuck in her book.

The previous Colorado book help set the scene for this book. So although all KA books are standalone I would recommend you read the series in order. Chace is a good cop gone bad but of course there are reasons for this. Easy to read and enough plot to keep you gripped. I can't wait for the next in the series.

Lady Luck by Kristen Ashley

5 out of 5 stars

Ty wrongly imprisoned and when he gets out he meets Lexie who he needs in order to seek revenge. I thought the romance was lovely as it normally is with KA's style.

Should have took a break:
There was a lot of back story with sets the scene for the next book that kind of bored me. Having read all three Colorado books back to back I should have took a break because the books were getting a bit same with a hot alpha, strong heroine and predictable ending. So a warning to those who haven't read this series to get the full KA experience I would recommend a few other books in between the series.

Love KA books:
I didn't give the full 5 stars because I was flicking through some of the storyline that  is needed for the next book. Though I really loved Ty and glad to see some characters from the last book.