Thursday, 6 June 2013

One tiny lie by K.A Tucker

5 out of 5 stars

Another college romance:
Honestly I wasn't too gripped at the beginning, I think it was because Ashton wasn't in it much as I would have liked at first but then when the story developed I couldn't get enough. This might seem like your typical college romance where we have the manwhore Ashton and the innocent Livie. But it was so much more, the author did an excellent job in describing just how Livie was feeling and I was literally there with her. When she blushed, I blush, when she was upset, I was there with her.

As for Ashton, he was just yum!!! I knew there would be reasons behind his manwhore ways. His interactions with Livie made me grin and smile. There was a storyline at the end with Ashton's best friend that I felt was rushed.

Great follow up:
As always with a series follow up we do see cameos of Kasey and Trent, but I didn't see enough of them. The story was engaging and actually very glad with the length of it. Are we going to read more about this series and if so who will be the main characters? I have no clue! An excellent read and would recommend this whole heartedly.

**arc received from netgalley**

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