Monday, 10 June 2013

Exquisite by Ella Frank

5 out of 5 stars

Love this:
I'm trying to find something, anything I don't like about this book but I've come up blank. I loved everything about it from the two main characters to the writing to the storyline. I love it when two characters slowly develop feelings for each other and not just fall straight in bed with each other. Though the sex scenes were steamy hot!!! I felt every emotion possible with this book from on the verge of tears to angst to mushy happy. My only critique if I'm really forcing it is I wished the epilogue was a bit longer and more into the future. But it really doesn't matter in this case I loved it all the same.

This started off with Lena loosing her younger sister in a car accident caused by herself. She has since built up walls around herself to guard herself. Fast forward 9 years, Lena is now a doctor. She meets Mason who owns a restaurant and considered most eligible bachelor. From the first moment they met they didn't like each other, in fact they couldn't stand each other. I love it when this happens. I loved their playful banter. Eventually you can guess what happens to them both. What I didn't expect was the second half of the book when... Not going to say anymore! Read it for yourself!

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