Sunday, 2 June 2013

Roam by Kimberley Stedronsky

4 out of 5 stars 

This was just what I needed. It is not your normal paranormal and doesn't involve vampires/werewolves. The story started off like a teacher/student relationship but the plot moved quite quickly and I was gripped. The basic plot is West finding Roam in each of her reincarnated lifetimes to save her and save the world.

The couple:
I thought that Roam believed West too easily. Yea they have a connections but I don't know I just couldn't feel their connection. They trusted and fell in love with other too easily. She known Logan, her boyfriend and best friend her entire life and yet she trusted West more in a matter of days. 

Love it when a book shocks me and this one had me gasping 'oh no' a few times especially the ending. I have no clue what to expect in the next book which scares me and makes me eager to read it at the same time. Another shocker halfway through the book that I should have saw coming shocked me. I just hope it all works out well for them in the remaining books. 

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