Saturday, 1 June 2013

Driven by K Bromberg

2 out of 5 stars

Oh dear...
Insta-love. Damaged Hero that don't do relationships and incapable of love. Heroine with baggage. You get the picture? Throughout the book I kept thinking about FSoG and then there was a little This man feel with how Rylee kept running away from Colton. I really wished the story was a bit more fresh and different.

Book Boyfriend Alert:
I do think Colton is potential Book Boyfriend material. It started off really well and I liked Colten straight away but then I felt like he was a bit predictable with similar crude comments throughout. His "baggage" from before he was adopted (remind you of FSoG?) is left unanswered but I don't think I really care to find out. 

The writing style was fairly easy to read. Some of the dialogue between Rylee and Colton were enjoyable banter but others were just a bit boring. I really cringe when I read words like "mine" and "you are so responsive." Where I liked it in FSoG I felt couldn't stand it here. The writing lacked originality and honestly it was like reading a poor version of FSoG.

As it is a trilogy I would have expected nothing less than a cliffy. I was not surprised at all by it. I doubt I will continue on with this series. It was unoriginal, predictable and left me feeling nothing. The only good thing that come out of it is Colton. 

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