Monday, 3 June 2013

Beyond Eden by Kele Moon

2 out of 5 stars

O I'm not sure about this one. This was just sex sex and more sex, either MF, MM or MMF. I don't normally mind reading these but the slave/master thing put me off. I loved Kele Moon's battered hearts series so I thought I give this a try but there was too much dialogue. 

Storyline or lack of:
So we have Danny boy and Paul guy as slave/master. Enter Evie Girl who is Paul's ex but Danny always had a thing for her too. Evie then starts a thing with Danny but Danny also has Paul on the side. Then to top it off theres Trisha who is Paul's fiancĂ©. You can guess what happens at the end. I would have liked this if there was more of a storyline but nothing much happened! I think this would be enjoyable for those that enjoy pure erotica it just wasn't for me.

Paul Guy. Danny Boy. Evie Girl. These nicknames got on my nerves. Would have been better without it. 

**arc received from netgalley**

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