Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Annihilate me volume 1 by Christina Ross

4 out of 5 stars

My thoughts:
I don't think I actually got into this book until about half way. Some bits were good and others just dragged on a bit but overall I quite liked it. I will be reading the next book because I think theres still more to find out about Jennifer and Alex's past. 

The plot:
So your probably wondering is this another Fifty Shades imitation? I'd say yes and no. The two characters themselves have some characteristics of Ana and Christian but the plot is completely different. Jennifer is unemployed and gets offered a job as Alex's girlfriend to attend social events to keep the 'wolves' away from him. 

Whats to expect in the sequel?
I felt like we got to know Jennifer pretty well but Alex is still a mystery to me. So I am expecting more from Alex in the follow on books as well as some sexy scenes. Both have a bad past which we got a glimpse of and I'm sure theres more to it. Will I remember this book by the time the next one is out though? Probably not. But I think it's a nice read.

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