Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Feral sins by Suzanne Wright

Taryn makes a deal with Trey...

To mate with him...

Instead of an arranged mating...

Trey needs to mate a powerful female to help with his alliance...

They both could benefit from the mating...

It was only suppose to be short term...

My thoughts

This was my first ever shifter book that I've read and at first I was a little confused by all the terms like latent and imprint but I soon got over it.

Taryn was fab and I loved her sarcastic comebacks especially with Trey's Grandma.

How about we play fetch with a twist, Greta- I'll throw the ball for you, but you just don't come back

Trey was the Alpha of Alphas. What started off as an arrangement soon turned into something much more.

"No fake cocks. This" a thrust of his fingers- "is mine."

My only problem was I was curious about this ménage scene, but apparently my version doesn't have it. Oh wells! 

Overall I really liked this book, had loads of hot sex and it kept you on your toes regarding the traitor. Great book x

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