Sunday, 4 August 2013

Finding Hart by Ella Fox

We was left with a cliffy in the last book...

Now we are reunited with Spencer, Delilah, Dillon and Dominque...

To the conclusion of the Hart series...

The title says it all...

Finding Hart... 

My thoughts

Although I remember the cliffy from the last book, I'm so glad there was a lot of recapping at the beginning as I kinda forgot how everyone was related. 

Spencer has always been my favourite so it was lovely getting his POV again. 

I can't get ahold of my, I mean my wife

Everything tied up nicely in the end and I am sad to say goodbye to the Hart series. The series started off more saucier in the beginning books by the last couple books there was more drama and revelations going on.

Looking forward to the Saint Renegades series :)


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