Saturday, 10 August 2013

Thief by Tarryn Fisher

"Now Caleb's POV...

And the conclusion...

Takes us back to how it began with Olivia...

And what happened with Leah...

My thoughts

Just when I thought the story was going a particular direction, it does a complete u-turn. 

I admit I didn't like Caleb in The Opportunist, but wow was he swoon worthy here!!! 

What annoyed me was why why why?!! Why didn't Caleb fight harder for Olivia from the very beginning?

I loved their banter and I really wished there was more of these moments.

Olivia:"you're making me feel awkward"
Caleb:"you're making me hard"

Olivia I didn't like so much in The Opportunists, but here when she was faced with tough choices, I thought she made the right decision.

After everything they been through, I loved how it ended and some may say its bittersweet but I thought it was absolutely perfect. Great fast paced trilogy x

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