Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Out of Play by Jolene Perry

"Bishop, a drug addict, almost overdosed...

Penny has a lot going on...

As well as looking after her grandfather who has Alzheimer's, her mums hardly around and she's crushing on her best friend...

They meet in Alaska where Bishop is trying to recover...

My thoughts

Being in a band, Bishop is a drug addict and we find this out from the very beginning. I was actually glad with the way things went in this book.

"It's hard when so many people expect so much."

The relationship between Bishop and Penny is a slow building one from flirty friendship to romance. 

I love it when two characters slowly get to know each other but I felt like their story at the end was a bit rushed and maybe there could have been more to the story.

A great YA book x

ARC received from the author"

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