Saturday, 19 October 2013

Review: Worth the fight by Vi Keeland

"4 stars

Everything in Ella's life is repetitive and boring. Until Nico, an MMA fighter walks into her office. It's never going to be that simple though as they both have their own issues and past.

The Nico I know is a fighter. Isn't she worth the fight?

I admit I wasn't convinced by their relationship at first. The insta love was too soon for my liking but something about the two of them together felt right eventually.

Nico was all kinds of sexy and sweet. Who doesn't like a hard muscular hero that's a little bit broken inside?!

Elle, run while you have the chance. You can't fix me.

If I was to compare this book to other MMA books I'm afraid I've read some slightly better ones and I just wanted a bit more in the book. Having said that I did enjoy Nico and Elle's story. 

I would recommend this if your looking for some fluffy sexy low-angst no-drama book. Enjoy x


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