Sunday, 27 October 2013

Review: Making Faces by Amy Harmon

"4 stars or 5 stars (Can't decide) 

This was very original and refreshingto the books I have been reading. Fern has harboured a crush on Ambrose since she was young but never thought she was good enough. It all changes when Ambrose comes back from the army.

Everybody who is somebody becomes nobody the moment they fail

I thought the first third of the book was a bit slow moving and there was times I wanted the story to go back to the preset rather than the flashbacks. This book definitely had 5 star moments in the last 30% and although there was no tears, I was both angry and sad with what happened.

You act like beauty is the only thing that makes us worthy of love

Amy Harmon has created somebeautiful beautiful characters, I loved how likeable Fern is and the beauty within her. I loved Bailey's strength.And I loved Ambrose, the broken ex-military.

This book had a deeper meaning behind it to not take anything in life for granted. I would recommend this if you like broken hero, beautiful characters, and a story that can tug at your heart. X

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