Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Review: Finding it by Cora Carmack

"4 stars

This book grew on me. The story starts off with Kelsey in Europe partying, getting drunk, having sex with random strangers. She meets Jackson Hunt and together they travel on a road trip,seeking new adventures.

What I liked about this book is theplaces and adventures that they went on. I felt like I was on my own little holiday.

Kelsey: I love when people love me

Kelsey started off very unlikeable, she was spoilt and spending her parents money. I thought she dragged the story down at the start. When she started her road trip with Hunt I felt the change in her.

My main problem I had was relationship wise I had major case of déjà vu. Two people. On the road. Hero being secretive. Sexual tension. Remind anyone of another book? For me personally, it did.

If I didn't know his secret, he never had to know mine

Overall I liked the story and I would recommend this if you love road trip adventure, new adult with a couple of twists along the way x"

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