Saturday, 19 October 2013

Review: Touch me by Olivia Cunning

5 stars 

(Photobucket took my collage and aren't giving it back! Grrrr!!)

Going into this book I thought Kellan was my favourite, but Colin he is all kinds of sweet and delicious. 

You came already? Geez, all I did was fondle your tits a little

He meets Caitlyn at a sex club and being a Olivia Cunning book we all know where it leads. 

I really liked Caitlyn, she's smart, owns her own business and dresses ordinarily. What I like most about these books is while the sex scenes are some of the steamiest ones I've read, I love the convervations they have with one another, the teasing and joking, getting to know each other and some a bit more serious talk.

There's always one thing in your life you wish you could undo more than any other. Your sole regret

I especially look forward to when the whole group get together and their chemistry is so effortless. What a little surpise at the end... to be continued*dun dun duh*

Overall, quick, smoking hot, smutty rocker book. Just how I like them. Loved!!!


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