Thursday, 31 October 2013

Review: Cloak and Dagger by Nenia Campbell

"5 stars

I was really surprised by this one. To sum up the beginning of the story, Michael is an assassin and he is ordered to tie up some loose ends which ends up him kidnapping our heroine, Christina. 

Michael started out as captors normally do, distant, uncaring, violent, a jerk.But of course we started to see the real Michael and I love him!!!

I came back...For you

This got my 5 stars because the storyline kept my interest throughout with all the action, I was gasping a few times at the turn of events and aww I love Michael.

I'm not human enough to want something I can't have?

If you like the type of book withcaptor/captive storyline, with plenty of action and violence and a slow building romance, I would give this book a go. I will definitely be reading the next book.

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