Thursday, 31 October 2013

Review: Rock the Beat by Michelle A Valentine

"5 stars

Love this series!!! Drummer of the Black Falcon, Trip, decides to do some investing at a track. He meets Holly, who has recently been dumped. I think Trip was written for me, he wascheeky, full of himself, flirty, dirty talking.

Thing? What are we in fifth grade? It's a cock, Holly. Call it what it is

I felt like I had a permanent grin for half the book. Even though by 10% I knew exactly where this story was going, I was kept entertained by the couples interactions and the comfort of the story.

Trip: I'd say in a week it so I'll have to keep my door bolted shut to keep you from sneaking in and having your way with me

I love this book but there are a few negatives I would like to address, the main one being it was too short AND it ended at 89%!!! Secondly, I absolutely adore Trip BUT where were the other band members? Lastly, apart from Trip being the drummer, the title Rock the Beat doesn't seem to make sense with the story.

If you like short and predictable, adirty talking rocker and a feel goodromance, this is a great one to pick up x"

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