Saturday, 12 October 2013

Review: Onyx by Jennifer L Armentrout

"4 stars

Second instalment and we are back with Katy and Daemon. But oh no it isn't that simple...Things are changing and there's a new boy in town, Blake. 

I felt like the first of the book was a bit slow going for me. Katy really got on mynerves 'why could she not admit to her feelings for Daemon?' I really hope she can redeem herself in the next book.

I don't even like this-kissing you

And then around the half way markthings got interesting. The plot was thickening and we are left we a nicecliffy to bring us to the next book. Looking forward to catching up with Daemon, he was cheeky, confident, sweet, a jerk all wrapped in one.

I told you Kitten. I like a challenge

If you are looking for an paranormal series with great chemistry, a smart ass Book Boyfriend and some twists and turns. Check out this series x


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