Saturday, 19 October 2013

Review: Tie me By Olivia Cunning

4 stars

The last remaining band member and I was excited to be finally getting Kellan's story. 

Kellan has vowed to stay faithful to his girlfriend every though she died 5 years ago! A musical piano piece brings him to Dawn.

I wish your heart was free Kellan

Kellan really ticked me off . I love adamaged hero but 'come on! She been dead for 5 years!' It was just one night with Dawn so I didn't expect him to completely forget about Sara but I thought he was stuck in the past for way too long.

Kind of hard for me to compete with someone who can do no wrong

I liked the atmosphere Olivia Cunning has created; a stormy night, lightning and thunder, piano playing, 2 horny characters. What I was missing was all the other band members and more of a storyline.

quick sexy slap-him-in-the-headbook. X

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