Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hell's Knights by Bella Jewel

"Well for a biker book I quite enjoyed this one. 

Addison had a shitty upbringing and her history is one of the worse I've read about for a heroine. When her mom (if you can call her that) overdoses she runs to find her father who is president of Hell's knight. 

One thing that annoyed me, I get Addison don't like to be controlled, but couldn't she just do as she was told for just once, considering she has a mad man after her?! 

what the fuck are you doin' walkin' around at night on your own?

Cade was a dirty talking Alpha that ticked all the right boxes *hmmm* And the sex scenes were steamy hot!

Sugar, shut the fuck up. You know you're my girl now

I felt the couple got together pretty quickly but overall a short biker book. I will definitely be reading Spikes book x"

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