Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Give me Strength by Kate McCarthy

"Love love loved!!! Now, we follow Travis and Quinn's story where they had a one night stand and yes... of course their paths cross again.

I loved everything. From Mac's hilarious dialogues...

Mac: alright Quinn. Show me your boobs

...to Jared's weird food obsession, even Henry and Frog's flirty banter. The group dynamic was fun and I was chuckling away.

But Travis *sigh* there just wasn't enough of him.

you're my dessert, sweetheart

Have I given you enough space yet?

I am excited to get to Grace and Casey's book. But hey, when do we get our Mac book!!!?

The only downside was I felt like I was missing a few scenes and of coursemore sexy time would have been the icing on the cake.

A perfect combination of action, twists, great banter, amazing characters and a lovely romance. X"

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