Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Cage by Harper Sloan

"I flipping love this book!!!

I connected with both Melissa and Cage from the very beginning. They met at sort of a love at first sight or in Cage's opinion:

Hard on at first sight

Their connection was hot. As their story progressed, you can feel the relationship growing and how they are connected in more than just body parts.

There was too many things I loved about this book. Loved how the guys talk among each other (ah Axel!)

Never thought I would need a break, but my dick is tired man

Loved how the story played out, LOVED Alpha, protective Cage. (The Perfect Book Boyfriend!) and Loved the kids (I know there will be more *winks*)

When I get big like you, will my wiener be big too?

When I read Axel, I couldn't help but compare it with a KA book, but with Cage, not once did I make the comparison. 

Anyway this was an amazing sequel and it surpassed any high expectations I had. Harper Sloan is one mean author and this book gave us snippets of Beck and Maddox's book and I cannot wait!!!

I want Maddox!!!"

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