Monday, 23 September 2013

For the Summer by Shey Stahl

"This is one of those books that gave you a warm fuzzy feeling. 

It starts off with Sophie's best friend, Ivey about to get married. She reunites with Ivey's brother, Benson. It then looks back to when she was 13 through the eyes of her journal.

he was just Benson William Cole - the boy who stole my heart at thirteen

I thought it was a very unique way to tell the story and it was like she was talking to Benson. Benson...!!! I loved him but more than once I thought 'Tell me you didn't!!!' And his reason at the end... Say 'what?!!' *shakes head*

I'm an asshole. Took you long enough to figure it out

Sophie was very relatable and I wanted to know how they fell in love and what went wrong. I don't think anyone forgets their first love. At times I hurt for Sophie and how Benson was stringing her along.

What I loved was it was about 2 kids falling in love, it didn't happen overnight and there was no abused characters. The characters and storyline was completely believable. 

I would recommend this if your looking for a cute first love type book. Another fab book by Shey Stahl x"

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