Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Love Game by Emma Hart

Set in college, the girls tell Maddie to 'play the player at his own game' and the boys telling Braden that he has to 'make her fall in love with you.' You can predict how the story from then will play out with both Maddie and Braden.

The couple:
Maddie didn't seem to want to go through with the 'play the player' but she does it anyway. I do feel for her for what she been through with her family. She has an innocence about her but at the same time she is very strong character. Braden was just all round sweet protective and caring. I like it when he goes cavemen on Maddie. I quite liked this couple together and their connection grew and grew with each date they went on. 

What I liked:
My favourite type of book where most of the book is hearts and flowers and then a little drama thrown in at the end. There was just enough plot to keep the story going and engaging. The writing style was easy to read and of course a nice ending with an idea of who will feature in the next book in the series.

Rating: 4 stars
Hero: caveman
Heroine: likeable
Type: New Adult
Setting: college
Series: #1 Games series (standalone)
Ending: HEA
Recommend: Yes!

**thank you Emma Hart for the ARC**

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