Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Axel by Harper Sloan

My thoughts:
This started off really good. What Iz went through with her ex husband, I was expecting it to be hard to read, but it wasn't, and I wanted it to dig into my emotions a bit more. Though I was intrigued and wanted her to find her happy ever after.

 Fast forward two years and she reunites with her first love and their misunderstandings that kept them apart. Whenever the hero works for some security job, I will always connect this with KA's rock chick series. And it is quite similar with Axel being very Alpha male, the ending was fairly predictable with the ex husband and there was a lot of hunky hot men in the corp security which will no doubt all have a story of their own.

I wish I felt more for this story but I found myself flicking though pages. I knew how the story was going, how it was going to end up and there was no surprises. A nice read just wish I was in a better frame of mind to read it.

Rating: 3 stars
Hero: alpha male
Heroine: abused past
Type: contemporary 
Setting: USA
Series: #1 corp security (standalone)
Ending: HEA
Recommend: maybe

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