Friday, 6 December 2013

Review: Remember When 3 by T Torrest

4 stars

After that heartbreaking cliffy in the last book, I could not wait to finally have this book in my hands. I loved being back with Trip.

I've always loved you, Lay. It's always been you.

I enjoyed all the sexy and happy times,they deserved it!!! Of course you know they aren't going to be happy in their little bubble forever and it went in a direction I was happy with.

No relationship is perfect, Loo. You have to decide to accept the imperfections and realise that what matters is that you're perfect together.

I love this series. The first book gave me first crush type butterflies. The second gave me angst heart flipping emotions. And the final book was a nice progression for the couple.

If Im being honest I absolutely loved the previous two books more but needless to say this was an amazing trilogy that I will forever love and I would recommend this trilogy for everyone!x

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