Monday, 11 November 2013

Review: Welcome to Sugartown by

"4 stars

Elijah Cade is the newbie in town and works for Ana's fathers automobile. There was insta love, a cute 6 year old brother, a fabulous BFF Holly andgreat steamy smut for almost half the book. And then, Elijah's past catches up on him and the story does a 180. 

...because this little thing between you is toxic and its going to tear both your lives apart

Some parts I hated and it was painful to read. I was disappointed with Elijah at one point but then I loved howprotective he was of Ana.

...wherever she is, is home to me.

A great debut that ends nicely butleaves some storylines unanswered.If you are looking for a nice-fluffy-smut turns dark-oh no-heartbreak try this out x

Note: There are scenes of [spoilers removed]"

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