Thursday, 14 November 2013

Review: Ink my Heart by Jean Haus

"3 stars

Maybe I'm being a bit harsh with books nowadays but this book borderedaverage-DNF.

Justin is your average bad boy, tattoo, dimples, blonde, lead singer of a band, has regular one night stands.He walks into a tattoo parlour and meets our heroine, the tattoo artist, Allie. 

I gave this a 3 star because the characters didn't really stand out to me but we did get dual POV. Romance was nice, there was dating and texting. Storyline was average, little drama, low angst and so overall just okay!

I almost dnf this half a dozen times but I did get to the end. If you like the first book, enjoy rocker new adult it is worth a go and can be read as astandalone. 

ARC provided by the author "

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