Monday, 11 November 2013

Review: The Edge of Always by J A Redmerski

"3 stars

We are back with Camryn and Andrew as their HEA goes through some highs and lows.

What I did love about this sequel is that no matter what problems they came across their love for each other was always so strong. Andrew is such asweet hero and I wish I had an Andrew. 

you're the world to me... I hope you never forget that

But the storyline was hard for me to swallow. As much as I love this couple, a couple times I did not like how the story was going and so tempted to DNF. This could have been a great novella.

Their HEA from the last book was perfect but If you want more Andrew, road tripsand a love that can withstand anything life throws at them, then this is a great book to pick up x

Parts that I did not like: [spoilers removed]"

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