Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Review: Beautifully Awake by Riley Mackenzie

4 stars

This book started off really refreshing in a hospital setting. Moody brain surgeon Doctor Chase and Lil work together at the hospital.

The writing style grabbed me. I lovedChase pre-20%. Sierra (the BFF) gave the story some light moments and I enjoyed the hospital scenes.

You're eyes still work, right? Even if your vagina's sealed shut by now

However, I thought their relationship was on fast forward, I wanted a bit more dragged out sexual tension at the beginning. Ironically towards the end I felt it could have been cut short. Also, the Dr Moody/Dr Sexy/Dr Possessive references bugged me.

This was a good start to the series and I can see potential in the series getting better. If you are looking for somethinga bit different, plenty of sexy timeand a hawt moody doctor, this would be a great choice. 

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