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Tamed (Tangled, #3)Tamed by Emma Chase

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars

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Fans of the series already know how Matthew and Dee end up, but how did they get there? Welcome to Matthews story.

Matthew was like a more mature sensible version of Drew. He wasnt our douchey Drew but his POV was just as entertaining. Dee was a bit frustrating at times with her commitement issues but it didnt bug me much and I really liked her.

This book was really cute and there was a perfect amount of sexy time. If you are a fan of Tangled, I would strongly recommend this. It fills in all the blanks that we missed in book 1. It wasnt as funny, but I still really enjoyed it.

**Note: Readers do not have to read Twisted before this, this book was set in the same time frame as Tangled.**

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She puts on the helmet, but doesn’t climb on the Ducati right away. She stands on the sidewalk, hands on her hips, looking thoughtfully at it. “What would you say if I said I wanted to drive your motorcycle to the party?”
“I’d say you’re shit out of luck. I don’t ride bitch.”
She knocks me upside the head—but my helmet softens the blow. “Then let me take it for a ride myself. Just around the block.”
“I . . .don’t think so.”
She pouts.
I sigh. “Have you ever driven a motorcycle before?”
“No, but I’ve always wanted to.”
“Well, I’ve always wanted to fly, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna strap on a squirrel suit and skydive from the god damn Empire State Building.”
She steps closer, and rubs her placating hands up my chest. “Come on, please? I’ll be really careful and grateful. Really grateful. Like . . .deviantly, let you handcuff me to the bed, kind of grateful.”
Forget the national broadcast system—this is the test. Am I going to stick to my man-guns, keep my pride, and protect my cherished vehicle from almost certain carnage? Or, am I going to be ruled by my dick and swayed by the promise of kinky, have-Dee-at-my-mercy-all-night-long, sex?
No contest.
“Riding bitch, it is.”

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